Product Specifications

The specialist for 19 mm
With the PKE-HD, TITAN has developed a hand-held tool for standard and high-performance straps up to 19 x 0.8 mm that is unrivalled on the market.
As the big brother of the PKE and cousin of the HKE-HD, it combines the key features of the E-Series with a comfortable, fully pneumatic function and specialisation in straps of 19 mm width.
This makes it easy to use the tool in tough applications such as sheet metal packages. The sealless joint with three notches established by TITAN holds together what belongs together.
The high and uniform strap tension ensures the highest reliability.

Customer Benefits
no seals required – big savings
pneumatically driven – ease of use
most ergonomic design
Technical Features
tension force: up to 7,000N l 1,574lbf
strap dimensions: up to 19 x 0.80mm l 3/4 x 0.031”
weight: 11.7kg l 25.8lb


PKE-HD Brocure