MOVITEC WRAPPING-SYSTEMS is a design and manufacturer of automatic stretch-film ring-wrappers.

We provide individual wrapping machines for existing production lines up to complete end of line projects with specific solutions for logistics and distribution systems. The Movitec has an electronic, self-adjusting tension control depending on the profile of the load

Advantages of an Automatic Ring-Wrapper

  • Electronic, self-adjusting tension control depending on the profile
  • No film tails thanks to an efficient cut and welding unit with a consistent temperature control
  • Possibility of applying efficient dust proof and rainproof wrappings
  • Possibility of applying ropes of film at any height of the load for more stability and strength
  • The load remains static; the film reels rotate around the load
  • No adjustments necessary when changing wrapping program
  • Guaranteed savings of stretch film, 300% (pre-stretch)
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low energy consumption
  • Operator friendly


  • Movitec is:
  • Focused and committed to automatic wrapping technology
  • A manufacturer with an increasing footprint in Europe
  • A competent and capable supplier providing innovative solutions that help customers meet productivity, keeping quality and safety
  • Interested in growing collaborative relationships with its customers• Prepared for the future with a team aligned with industry needs
Strapping Machine
Turntable for strapping machine
Movitech Pallet Wrapper in Use
Pallet Wrapper Rotating Ring