Safeguard KitStart PET Tensioner and Sealer Kit

Complete mobile 13mm extruded polyester strapping kit, with separate tensioner and sealer


PD40 dispenser trolley

HPT50 tensioner

OFH12 sealer

PTR25G extruded polyester strap

1,000 SER12-SG serrated seals



Safeguard KitStart Woven PET Strapping Kit

Complete mobile 13mm woven polyester strapping kit, with tensioner and buckles


CSM20 dispenser trolley

CST20 tensioner

WPH40 woven polyester strap

1,000 CB4G galvanised metal buckles



Safeguard Heavy Duty Dispenser Trolley

Mobile mill wound steel strapping dispenser with seal tote


Inner core diameter 406mm

Core width 150mm

Integral large-capacity storage tote for seals and tools

Guide holds strap end in position for easy use

Large diameter wheels for uneven surfaces

Strapping and seals not included

Unladen weight 30.0kg